Architects, engineers, politicians, researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world were met from 24 to 26 April 2013 at the sb13 conference in Munich, Germany to present and exchange their knowledge and opinions about the implementation of sustainability in the building sector.

The following topics were addressed in this conference:

  • Politics and economics in the context of the energy change
  • Support framework for sustainable building
  • Sustainable regional and urban planning: New approaches in planning and energy supply
  • Low-energy and plus-energy building concepts for new and existing buildings
  • Methods for planning and evaluating sustainable buildings in compliance with the life cycle concept
  • Innovative materials and technologies for the construction sector
  • Case studies

The ECBCS (the International Energy Agency has established an Implementing Agreement on Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems) – Annex58 celebrated its 4th Expert meeting in Munich (Germany) in April 8 – 10 2013.

The Annex58 focuses on reliable building energy performance characterization based on full scale dynamic measurements.

During this meeting, the FIEMSER project was presented to the attendants. These meeting also included a visit to the Fraunhofer IBP facilities in Holzkirchen, and one of the FIEMSER pilot installations, the Twin Houses, was also visited.



UCD is organizing the “Second Workshop on Energy-Efficiency in Buildings“, to be held at its facilities in Dublin (Ireland) on 12th of March, 2013. Several European projects about Energy-Efficiency in Buildings are inviteed to share their experiences and achievements and identify future collaboration strategies.


Organised by IFEMA and promoted by IDAE, GENERA 2013 will be held from 26 to 28 February at FERIA de MADRID.

This year, GENERA FORUM will feature 24 talks covering issues such as self-consumption and energy management. The presentations will be made by 12 exhibiting companies and offer visitors a wider perspective on the topics, giving them a deeper understanding of the range of solutions available in the industry.
The talks will cover the leading topics of the day, such as technological advances in biomass; changes in the photovoltaic sector; monitoring, management and control of installations in buildings and homes, being FIEMSER one of the presented projects; self-consumption and net balance; cyber security at generation plants and intelligent flow management.

The INNOVATIONSEEDS interactive portal for environmental research and knowledge repackages 100 promising EU-funded environmental R&D results to accelerate their uptake as policy measures and market success. FIEMSER project is one of the selected initiatives.

By communicating research results in a usable manner, INNOVATIONSEEDS helps research teams, policy makers and technology users identify and communicate about new eco-innovative technology and knowledge.

Dedicated articles, webinars, and video news releases promote new environmental technology and knowledge to policy makers and market players.

Greencities, the 3rd Show in Energy Efficiency in Building and Urban Spaces is a professional meting that is pioneer in Spain, to be held in the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga, from 7th till 9th November, 2012.

The success of the previous shows, with more than 4.000 visitors from the professional sector, reflects the interest and commitment of this sector.

Considering the diversity of non-interchangeable wired and wireless communication standards that prevents smart appliances from appearing in larger numbers in the European market, the Workshop on A Roadmap for the Standardisation of Smart Appliances brought together stakeholders with the objective of creating a roadmap towards agreed solutions for interoperability. Focus is communication with smart appliances at information level in smart homes. Main use case is energy management, but closely related use cases like lighting, eHealth, surveillance, multimedia, and 3play are considered as well.

As part of the presentation made by CSTB as representative of E2B Association, the FIEMSER example was shown to illustrate how appliances are modelled in FIEMSER approach, and how their use is optimized by the FIEMSER holistic building management system.

The EESAP3 – European Conferences on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning, raise, in its third edition, the topic “Crisis and Architecture” from the point of view of:

  • Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency
  • The city and the Sustainable Planning
  • Evaluation, Monitorization  and Managment with IT (Information Technology) Technologies.

These three topics are raised from a integrative visión, considering that in this moment, in which we all are called to actuate with parsimony, when “Green business” and “Sustainable Construction”, should be boosted, as measures to fight the crisis.

The conferences are addressed to researchers, graduates, engineers, architects, and all kind of students interested in the energy efficiency and the sustainability in architecture and planning fields. The purpose of these conferences is to exploit the produced synergy from the intervention of speakers and participants with different profiles to analyze and propose responses to the current problems in depth and specificity in a general integrated atmosphere.

The intelligent control systems for energy efficiency in buildings were introduced to the new generations of architects and engineers, in such a way that they have the FIEMSER system as key reference in this domain when they start their professional carrier.

The European Conference of Product and Process Modelling (ECPPM) is a biannual conference series dating back to 1994. ECPPM was the first BIM conference founded on the basis of European BIM research projects preceding IFC and BuildingSMART and has fostered BIM development over the last 18 years. The conference series has gained a recognized position as an important event in the international AEC/FM ICT research agenda. Although with European roots, the ECPPM attracts delegates and prominent speakers from all around the world providing delegates with valuable knowledge and discourse on latest state of the art in ICT research and development in the AEC/FM industry.

The FIEMSER project and its data model were presented and analyzed.

The booklet with the Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop organised by the EEB Data Models Community European Conference of Product and Process Modelling (ECPPM) 2012, Reykjavik, Iceland, 25th – 27th July, 2012 are now available online at the eeSemantics Wiki and at the CIRCABC space (CIRCABC > INFSO > Library > Workshops > 3rd Workshop 2012-07-26).


Following the successful experience of the experience of the “1st European Workshop on ICT for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings” that was organized by the EnPROVE, Energy Warden and FIEMSER FP7 projects on June, 2010,the “2nd European Workshop on ICT for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings“ took place on 30th of March, 2012 in Sofia (Bulgaria). This workshop was hold in the framework of the 8th South-Еast European Exhibition and Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

 In this edition, several FP7 projects shared their experience and achievements about the use of ICT to improve the Energy Efficiency in Buildings: EnPROVE, Energy Warden, FIEMSER, 3eHOUSES, ENERSIP, SEEMPubS, HOBNET, PEBBLE and E3SOHO.