FIEMSER project focuses on “Use less energy” and “Make more energy locally” and it also provides the necessary conditions and platform for future developments to sell surplus energy.

The main objective of this project is the development of an innovative energy management system for existing and new residential buildings(BEMS), which pursues the increase of the efficiency of the energy used and the reduction of the global energy demand of the building, but without penalizing the comfort levels of the users. To the achievement of this goal, it will follow two main strategies:

  • Minimizing the energy demand from external resources, through the reduction of the energy consumption in the building and the correct management of local generation (heat and electricity) and energy storage equipment to satisfy the energy demand of the building, and even provide the capability to export energy to the utilities when needed.
  • Interaction with the building user, in such a way as to increase the consciousness of the consumer of his energy consumption and CO2 emissions, providing hints to make punctual changes in his behaviour without major disruptions of his comfort conditions.