As result of FIEMSER project, several potential products are expected, which could be exploited as an integrated energy management system for residential buildings, the FIEMSER platform, or each component as an independent product:

  • IPv6 Wireless control network. There is a huge potential to this type of communication networks, because in the near future, homes will be more intelligent and will require flexible and non intrusive communication platforms which will have to be fully compatible with Internet.
  • Holistic home energy manager. Latest EU initiatives are evolving towards energy positive buildings in order to reduce C02 emissions and energy costs; building related legislation and building users are becoming more aware about its need. Consequently, a new generation of control systems will be required to coordinate the main energy demand systems in the building (HVAC and lighting) with the local generation (RES and CHPs (Combined Heat and Power)).
  • Multimodal user interface. Increasingly, all services are becoming more supported by ICTs. The FIEMSER multimodal user interface will open these services to the typical ICT user (used to manage computers), to the mobile users (familiarized with PDAs, smartphones, …) and also to the ICT “excluded users”, as elderly people or technologically unskilled users, which are much more comfortable with the TV.