KUBIK by TECNALIAMeteomedia has been selected by the FIEMSER project as weather forecast data provider for the FIEMSER system validation process that will be developed in parallel in two different European locations in second half of 2012:

The main reasons to select this provider is the accuracy of its service, the hourly updadting of the weather forecast and the availability of the service for several  European cities, as Bilbao and Munchen.


FIEMSER project was presented at the IRES 6th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, which took place in Berlin (Germany) on 28th to 30th of November, 2011. This conference is one of the main conferences in energy storage. The FIEMSER functionality was presented in this conference as a tool to increase the profitability of the energy storage systems in residential buildings.

FIEMSER project was presented at the Computer Knowledge Building – CIB W078–W102 2011 Joint Conference, which took place in Sophia Antipolis (France) on 26th to 28th of October, 2011. This conference introduced to the broad achievements in research, development, standardisation and industrial implementation of advanced Computing, Information and Communication Technology and Knowledge Management in the Building sector, and provided an ideal forum for future collaborative innovation and creativity.

FIEMSER was present in two different forums:

  • The paper “FIEMSER: Energy Efficiency in Smart Residential Buildings” was presented in the General Conference. This paper provides a general view of the FIEMSER specifications and system architecture.
  • The paper “Energy and Behavioural Modelling for Managing Energy Resources in Residential Buildings” was presented in the “eeBDM” workshop. This was the 2nd workshop about Energy Efficiency Buildings Data Models that is coordinated by the EC. It put together some of the European leaders, many doing research under FP7, working in the area of Buildings Energy Efficiency semantic interoperability. The paper presents the FIEMSER’s data model for building energy management and shows how this model can be used to support advanced BEMS functions such as the anticipation of energy demand, the optimisation of building operation (energy demand, local generation and energy storage), and the improvement of user behaviour, in order to increase the overall energy efficiency of buildings.

During the last ECTP-E2BA-Eracobuild Conference 2011, that took place inWarsaw(Poland), on 4 & 5 October 2011, the FIEMSER brochure was distributed to the attendants. This dissemination action was especially relevant from the FIEMSER project exploitation point of view because the main stakeholders about energy efficiency in buildings attended to this conference.

FIEMSER project was presented at the 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, which took place in Hamburg (Germany) on 5th to 9th of September, 2011.This conference is the most important yearly European scientific event in photovoltaic solar energy including the bigger PV exhibition. The FIEMSER poster was presented in this exhibition.

FIEMSER project was presented at the Model Predictive Control in Buildings Workshop, which was organized by IBPSA (the International Building Performance Simulation Association) and took place in Montreal (Canada) on 24th and 25th of June, 2011. The event featured a series of technical presentations, selected by a Scientific Committee of internationally recognized domain experts, as well as time for networking and exchange. It was closed with a roundtable discussion to define future research needs and highlight opportunities for collaboration and business applications. FIEMSER project was presented in this workshop, giving an overview about the current project state to the international research community – here especially at the building simulation field.

FIEMSER project was presented at the Münchner Solartage 2011, which took place in Munich (Germany) on 2nd of April, 2011.This conference is a combination of fair and presentation across solar energy encouragement in residential buildings. The presentation “FIEMSER: Friendly Intelligent Energy Management System for Existing Residential Buildings” (in German) informed the future users (inhabitants, craftsmen, architects) about the FIEMSER system functionality.

FIEMSER project was presented at the ICT4E2B Forum – Workshop on Data Models, which took place in Brussels (Belgium) on 24th of January, 2011.This workshop was organized in the context of the ICT4E2B Forum project, a Coordination and Support Action aimed at bringing together all relevant stakeholders involved in ICT systems and solutions for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, identifying and reviewing their needs in order to design a multi-annual technology roadmap to foster the future research on the topic. The aim of this Forum is to merge (or ensure interoperability) the data models and semantics of BEMS systems to allow for a seamless model that operates from the Building design phase to the Building operational phase. The FIEMSER data model was introduced during this workshop.

FIEMSER project was presented at the ICT for Sustainable Homes Conference, which took place in Nice (France) on 18th and 19th of November, 2010. This conference includes thematic sessions and scientific workshops devoted to energy efficient homes and neighbourhoods and ICT for energy efficiency at large. The paper “Friendly Intelligent Energy Management System for Existing Residential Building” presented the first results of the FIEMSER project to a large audience of people concerned by ICT4EE in buildings.

FIEMSER project was presented at the ACM BuildSys 2010 Conference, which took place in Zürich (Switzerland) on 2nd of November, 2010. This conference is a selective forum for the presentation of research results on systems’ issues in the area of building controls, energy management, embedded, and networked sensors. The workshop provided an ideal convergence venue for the Sensor, Building and Energy research communities to address the research challenges facing the design, deployment, use, and fundamental limits of these systems. The FIEMSER poster was presented in this conference.